What We Do



Candidate Services

We provide coaching and direct support to candidates who are loved by our movement family in the communities where they’re running. We provide hands-on technical support to local candidates — fundraising, drafting a campaign plan, building a people-powered campaign, hiring and coaching your campaign team and forming a policy agenda that is bold and progressive. We never work with anyone we don’t believe in 100%.

Leadership Development & Facilitation

We believe in powerful and loving facilitation and healthy spaces to learn. We’ve trained in rooms all over the country of people of color candidate's, campaign staff and organizers to win campaigns and mobilize voters. Our work includes developing intentional learning labs specifically curated for people who are working towards socially just electoral politics. We coordinate and execute training programs with communities across the country, and are building capacity to win in races and places we love.

Electoral Planning and Visioning

Our communities deserve a bridge between values-based organizing and the ballot box. Three Point serves as an anchor organization for the Movement for Black Lives and and people of color-led organizations and leaders on electoral strategy